Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Alex Armstrong"

This is a large step for a low tech, caveman monkey like me. But here goes. This first post is from Silver Comics #7. The art is featured on the back cover with the second part of a two part story inside. The character was created over ten years ago when everyone was creating "Ash Can" or vanity comics. It was originally only distributed to about 3 comic shops in the NYC area, and then shelved away until I recieved a Panic Call from my buddy Juan Ortiz, who needed a few pages filled in his comic book.


richtuzon said...

hey, finally you decided to show up. Welcome to the cyber world. Post some of those super inks for the world to see, would ya!

nic said...

Hi Vince! So glad to see you here; it's been ages since I saw you in person. Hope all is well in mouse-land; and yes, keep posting more! :)