Saturday, August 23, 2008

How about some fresh old stuff?

Here are a few concept drawings of the Ol' Schnozzola that I used to bat out in the early '90s. I liked to work in felt tip pens and rolling writers a lot in those days, so please forgive the uneven aging process of the penwork. I also had an affinity for buff colored bond paper. These days I'd much rather use a brush, but I kind of like the feel of these. The rooftop piece in particular shows that I was trying for newer, more dramatic ways of storytelling.

I hope you enjoy them. I remember having a good time creating them.

I've added this last piece to show the original way I wanted to approach the 'Nose, using Craft Tint paper. But I found it to be slippery and unforgiving, too smooth. So I developed the approach used in these examples shown above.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

'80s felt pen fan sketches--

While working in advertising and producing The Honeymooners comic books in the '80s I'd occasionally try to break up the monotony by doing fan sketches and sending them to various publications and comic book creators. Both of these were published.

The Stuntman piece was published in Fantagraphics' Amazing Heroes magazine and the MM illo was published in the Mr. Monster 3-D Special.

(These were intentionally scanned at lo-res, due to respective copyright considerations)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Coming soon... sort of.

My buddy Johnny Ortiz, publisher/creator of the Silver Comics Universe asked me if I'd like to write and illustrate an upcoming issue of Silver Comics featuring my character "Alex Armstrong" and his super-team "The Sudden Disaster Stoppers". He even took the time to put together a cover comp to present to me. How could I refuse?

So I emailed a synopsis to Mr. Silver and he gave me the green light.

Armstrong originally appeared in Silver Comics' issues 6 and 7, in a two part story. And soon Alex and the Stoppers will be coming your way courtesy of Johnny and the Silver Comics Group.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mr.O.!

(cover image above created by and courtesy of Juan Ortiz)

My art above, with preliminary colors by Dwight Wanhala from Silver Comics' back cover, Issue #6.

Story art below from Issue #7...

left to right: Ortiz, Beltran, Musacchia & Seeto at SD Comicon '06

George Tuska art/Musacchia color guide, unpublished version.

Nick Cardy art/Musacchia color guide, unpublished version.

Saturday, August 02, 2008