Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Hey... nice dog!"



Grammy said...

Are you making a living with your drawings? They are wonderful!

Vince M said...

Thank you for the kind words, Grammy.
And yes, I'm a working artist at a wonderful company. I've been very lucky.

max said...

With the dog he reminds me of Eisner's Super of Dropsie Avenue.
He could be his nephew.

Vince M said...

Hey Max! Glad to see you've visited.
I love Will Eisner, the artist and the man. He was as generous in life as he was in his storytelling.

I'm so glad we have a large catalogue of his work to learn from.

Have you finished reading "The Plot" yet? I can't seem to get started with it, knowing it's the last book he created. I usually began reading his books on the way home from the bookshop.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

another beaut, V. Do you miss Coney island? I have never been to the East coast. Would love to see coney island.

Vince M said...

Only twenty minutes away by train- Coney Island was a wonderful place when I was a child growing up in Brooklyn, whether spending the day with my parents, or later as a young teenager visiting on my own with friends... as long as you were smart enough to avoid the seedier aspects of it, and believe me- there were many.

It was similar to a destruction-free version of Pinocchio's Pleasure Island.

Nowadays it is a paradise in transition.
Thankfully, it is improving every year.

max said...

It's a particular book and surely knowing that it was his last book influences the way one reads The Plot. I won't tell you more or I'll spoil your enjoyment.

richtuzon said...

I really appreciated you talking to me and all the other guys the other night. I think these things really help shape the good energy we have at work. I think I speak for everyone when I say we should do that again, Vince.

Vince M said...

"Good energy" is a nice description Rich.

Maybe we should try it once a month.