Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Post-apocalyptic comic book concept from the early '80s.
(pencil & felt pen on Neenah bond paper, unpublished)


max said...

Hi Vince, this is very powerful. I love it.
You've got a great archive there.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

Wow, what an imagination you have! Were you like me, day dreaming in school alla time?

Again, your work is inspiring and full of history! Thanks for sharing!

richtuzon said...

is this how you see the world, vin? are you finished with the disneyland painting?

Vince M. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Max.
Always nice to hear from you.

I always daydreamed in class, Kim.
Mostly about being finished with school.

Rich I didn't see the world this way in the early '80s, when this concept was created. I was just riffing off Bladerunner, Planet of the Apes and other post-disaster films of the time.
Sci-Fi fantasy.

Post 9/11, I'm not so sure.

As for the painting- I haven't even started yet.

PJ said...

Man, I am always blown away by your stuff!

Vince M. said...

Thanks, PJ. I appreciate the kind words, you're a good guy.