Tuesday, February 05, 2008

new sketch/old scribble...

Two sketches; one in pencil from this afternoon,
and one in ballpoint from last summer.


max said...

I know what's going on there, he found some japanese knot-weed in his garden.
It happened to me last summer. You're left with only one option, lots of digging.
Nice sketch, fast things come out fresh.

Vince M. said...

And fresh things come out fast. At least that's been my experience.

Thanks Max.

Anonymous said...

Love the front page story, Vince.

Pasquale said...

Hi Vince,
I have not been very active recently got some problems to sort it out..
thanks for stopping by and wake me up a bit;)
Lovely set of sketches and comic pages,well done!
see u around.

Vince M. said...

You've got a keen eye, Hutchie.

I hope everything gets worked out, Pasquale.

Thanks for visiting, guys.

Lena said...

Greetings Vince!
At you sketches of high quality , a various line!!
Good bye!
Lena Gagarina.