Saturday, August 23, 2008

How about some fresh old stuff?

Here are a few concept drawings of the Ol' Schnozzola that I used to bat out in the early '90s. I liked to work in felt tip pens and rolling writers a lot in those days, so please forgive the uneven aging process of the penwork. I also had an affinity for buff colored bond paper. These days I'd much rather use a brush, but I kind of like the feel of these. The rooftop piece in particular shows that I was trying for newer, more dramatic ways of storytelling.

I hope you enjoy them. I remember having a good time creating them.

I've added this last piece to show the original way I wanted to approach the 'Nose, using Craft Tint paper. But I found it to be slippery and unforgiving, too smooth. So I developed the approach used in these examples shown above.


Tanner said...

You're a genius with that pen work Vince! I love that down shot. My fear of heights just kicked in!

Ry's Photo Blog said...

I love the rooftop shot as well....creative storytelling that really grabs pun intended.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

I love the middle post with the pushed perspective! Really ads desparate emotion to the story. Maybe you can show me how to enhance the story with that type of camera angle.

Again, beautiful work, V!


marcoshark said...

If you ever decided to go the "Self Publish" route, I will happily be the first in line to buy the "Nose"!

Vince M. said...

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I guess the rooftop one is the favorite. I can see some glaring missteps in it after nearly twenty years; garbage pails that reach up to the second floor, vehicles with wheels out of alignment, wonky perspectives, poor anatomy on the villian's figure, etc... but I guess it has a certain charm.

And Marc, if I do ever publish the 'Nose I'll make sure to get a copy to you.

feet's dont fail me now said...

I'm not here to be polite, but...

I like the roof top view as well.
Problem is, it all falls apart when you hit the ground.
The street needs to be out of focus, manhole cover is to bright and white, just hint at it man, practice what you preach .
Like you taught me "you don't have to show everything."

Vince M. said...

Thanks for taking the time to discuss/critique the artwork, Dave. You've made a few salient points. I really should have laid back on the pavement and street as far as focus is concerned. Too much detail and clarity. I know that now, looking at this piece today. But as far as practicing what I preach goes, I was still in seminary school at the time this one was made. I'd been working in this style for a few weeks when I drew this concept.
However I did want the sewer cover and cobblestones to pop, as they were lit by a morning sun. If this were a night time scene I'd never have revealed this much detail. I also think the clarity of the street below adds to the danger inherent in this piece.
I've since scaled back and loosened up in my attempts at black and white art, as evident in "Rocket Ship". Less is always more.
Thanks for weighing in, Big Guy.