Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Popeye the Sailor Man"

Did'ja think he was a cowboy?

When I was a little boy the sailor was written and drawn
in comics books by the great Bud Sagendorf.
I loved his artwork and would copy it all the time.
Still do.

There were other great artists
who worked on the Popeye strip as well--
Doc Winner, Joe Musial and another favorite of mine Bill Zaboly.
Here's a sample of Bill's version...

Here's a recent attempt
at drawing the sailor...
while (still) copying Sagendorf art.
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richtuzon said...

ga gagagaggaa. Those covers have such a flare to them. Cant believe that you still have them.

Vince M said...

I don't have them, Rich. I found these on the internet. The only ones I do have is the 'Ghost Island' issue and the giant 'Sea Stories' edition.

Eric Hutchison said...

Always droppin' the knowledge. Very cool, professor!

Vince M said...

Thanks Hutch, I'm jus' tryin' ta learn all ya young guns. I'm glad you liked it enough to comment.

max said...

That's how Popoye punches, top sketch Vince.

Oscar Grillo said...

KFS lost the copyright of Popeye in Europe. You can draw it here and get it published.

Vince M said...

Thanks a million,Max! I'm nuts about the sailor. Always have been.

And I've read about this, Oscar. Does this mean I can go back to my paternal grandfather's house in Burgia, Sicily and draw Popeye stories on the balcony?

God, would that be heaven?

Jim Hopkins said...

I have one of these old Gold Key Poyeyes. Horrible condition, of course. Got it from a used comic/magazine store when I was a kid. That's where I got my Archies as well.
The issue was entitled "Aminals, Monskers, and Beasks" And the art is great too.