Tuesday, August 11, 2009

marginal sketching--

Even though I don't consider myself a caricaturist, I have done enough of them to become somewhat familiar with the form. So I tried my hand at a few of Judd Apatow's most recent cast members. Hit and miss, I know. But it sure beats just 'reading' the latest issue of TIME magazine.

(BIC ballpoint)


Dorota said...

I am not good at caricature but you inspired me to do some.

Jim Hopkins said...

They look good to me! Nice handling of the ballpoint!

nic said...

I didn't need the pics to recognize them, they seem spot-on to me.
Random trivia - Adam Sandler was one of my first crushes as a kid. Next to Bob Costas. I was a weird kid.

Vince M said...

I'm glad I could help, Dorota. Can't wait to see your caricature work.

Thanks, Jim. Means a lot, especially coming from you.

Oh, thank you, little weird kid Nic. I always get too concerned about caricatures and portraits.
And I hope you still think that Adam Sandler and Bob Costas are hot.
Or at least lukewarm.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Is that Rich on the bottom?

Vince M said...

It's always 'Stiffy Tuzon' on the bottom! OH!

(Thanx for starting trouble, Sailor.)