Saturday, January 20, 2007


In the early '90s I'd create characters and draw comics at home after working in advertising all day. I've always loved the form and the freedom you can enjoy working on your own stuff.

This page of nonsense was an excuse to satirize Batman from the animated series. I loved the show, it was close to what I imagined the Fleischer Studios would have done with the character, and I think Bruce Timm is one of the best artists working in comic books and animation.

A few months after my artwork was created, John Byrne did the same gag in a story for a Batman Animated Annual. There's no way he could have seen my work, nor could I have seen his. But we both went down the same path, including the fat guy in the window yelling at the costumed hero.

I'm convinced that our brains are like radios and sometimes we pick up similar transmissions.


Ry's Photo Blog said...

You're SO good! Veryyyy........CreAtive! And this was 15 years ago......I can only imagine the comic book you could create NOW!

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

creative minds think alike! Are you still writing?


Vince M said...

I'm still trying to write.