Monday, June 04, 2007

just one more...

"Dreaming of Disneyland, Brooklyn 1959"
(ink wash & watercolors)

When I was a child growing up in Brooklyn my only connections to Disney were Dell comic books and the TV program "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color".
Going to Disneyland was as impossible to imagine as going to the moon, in fact this visual is set ten years before the 1969 moon landing.
But for ten cents a copy, comic books could take me anywhere, and that's why I chose this situation for a Disney gallery exhibit coming up in September.
I remember dreaming of going to Disneyland and hoping to someday work at The Walt Disney Company.

I guess some dreams can come true.


PJ said...

Ah, you tease!

But certainly you are someone who should be included in an exhibition of masters, love looking at your stuff Vinnie!

Vince M. said...

Thanks, PJ. I just finished this one over the past weekend, so I had to post it. This will be it for a while.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

You finished! Glad to see you completed this great to finally see it in color. It really came to life!
p.s. I responded to the comments from you and Hutch on my blog.

Greg said...

i love this concept. i can relate. i did not go to disneyland until i was a teenager and when i did, i was blown away. you have captured the excitement of a dream for a young kid.

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

andres casciani said...

well the first drawings i made at the age of 5 was about disney and his world, in fact
my first reedings was the comicbooks they sell in southamerica. I suposse something of that is still in the images i love. Thanks for your wonderful comentaries dear Vince, keep looking my place its an honour!!

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Did you dream of sitting in a cubicle next to a guy who played bad 80's music?

Vince M. said...

No, Ryan. I'm not THAT imaginative.
Nostradamus couldn't have dreamed up that scenario.
("I don't know what that means."--Hutch exclaimed.)
I guess you're back from NYC, hope you had a great time.

Thanks for the comments, Greg, Olga & Andres.

max said...

I missed this one Vince, I thought you were on holiday, or maybe just the blog.

It's wonderful and it's so personal.
This is really a great display of yourself on all counts.
That's what art is for I suppose.

Vince M. said...

Thanks for the kind and generous comments, Max. I have cut down my postings and probably won't post as much this summer. I was finding some of my choices were pretty ordinary and commonplace, so I'll be slowing down in an effort to make new posts interesting.
My watercolor experiments will continue as well. With the Disney-themed piece I'm up to about five attempts.
Hope you're doing well.