Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I couldn't resist.
I fear I've become
a hopeless
"blogging junkie".

Oh well,
here's some more
for you...

(Inspired by a panel from a Simon & Kirby comic, circa 1941)


PJ said...

Hah! It is addictive.

Makes me think you should check out Eric Powell’s ‘The Goon’ as you would really like it.

You know, I wish I could achieve your mediocre! ;-)

Vince M. said...

I love "The Goon"! In fact, I kept telling Brian to check it out, but I don't think he ever has. He's no fan of the cartoonier stuff.
Thanks for checking in, PJ.

PJ said...


The Goon to me is a direct descendant of Will Eisner’s The Spirit! Speaking of which if you haven't checked out the new Spirit book, that's something you'll probably like as well. It is just amazing and really captures the cahracter's essence.

Vince M. said...

I wouldn't go as far as calling The Goon a direct descendant of Eisner, but I do like it. But I must admit my appreciation of it wanes a bit with each passing issue. It's getting extremely low brow and vulgar, something a creator of Eisner's calibre would never have stooped to.

I do love Darwyn Cooke's new Spirit series, and look forward to every issue. I'm a huge Cooke fan, and have been since "Batman-Ego". Cooke's storytelling has more polish than Eric Powell will ever achieve, but Powell is a helluva draftsman.

Check out the Spirit Summer Special, there's a great Jordi Bernet/ Jimmy Palmiotti story in it that you cannot miss. The Kyle Baker story on the other hand is a steaming pile of horseshit.

Looks like we turned this comment section into e-mail. Huh?

Take care Peej.

andres casciani said...

Well blog is an adiction really, like a new beatnik style! thankyou very much for your comments, the line style is the most natural thing for me, is almost the way I think.


ha ha ha....
loved it!

Vince M. said...

Thanks, JJ. I checked out your blog, you've got a fun style.