Friday, September 14, 2007

Old School...

This was a "dummy" of a magazine, created in May of '73 for a school assignment. At the time I was influenced by the art nouveau approach, Peter Max, Andy Warhol and everything else that floated by. And, of course The Beatles.

When I was given the assignment I immediately thought of creating a music magazine and plunged into the layout stage.

In those pre-Mac, dark days everything had to be created by hand and in position. Color prints were too costly, and color copiers didn't exist. So I worked on acetates, inking with rapidographs and painting color behind them for all of the article illustrations.

The cover was created on bond paper with rapidograph pen, color inks and Letraset rub-on type. The masthead was hand lettered.I can't remember how long this took, I'm thinking at least a week.

What I do remember is having a lot of fun producing it.


PJ said...


I have a bunch of the same kind of thing in flat files. One of my clients is the college I went to and when working there recently, I was stricken by how alien the whole college experience is when compared to my time in school.

Email, scanners, printers (with color no less!) - I tell you they have no idea of how much harder school was back then.

Thinking of that now though may explain a lot of what has happened in the industry over the last ten years.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

I can tell a lot of passion and hard work went into this assignment. Nicely executed. Yes, 1973, it feels very much of that era.
I was one.
The Midnight Blogger

Vince M. said...

It was harder, PJ. Especially in the time it took to create images and layouts. But the process is still the same today. Kind of like banging a nail in with a nail-gun instead of a rock.

I was twenty one, Ry. I guess you could say we were both walking around with loaded diapers and trying to stand upright.

Thanks for the comments, guys.

nic said...

This is great Vince. I love it.
Makes me wish I had been forced to learn those skills as well. There is something to be said for having to/getting to do things so hands-on.

Vince M. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this post, Nic. I never know if someone will find this old stuff of mine interesting or not. Thanks for commenting.

(If you haven't visited Nic's blog just click on her name and you'll be transported to a wonderful place.)