Tuesday, May 06, 2008

another '70s-style sketch--

The '70s sucked. It was the worst of times, it was the WORST of times. Get the idea? In those days I didn't have two nickels to rub together. I'd get jobs that other guys would have killed for; Post Office, etc... and I'd put in enough hours to purchase a new set of Ludwig drums, that I still have. But I wanted to be a musician. Or an artist. One thing I definitely didn't want to be was drafted and sent to Viet Nam. I didn't even know why we were there. Not that it was all rosey on the homefront. It wasn't. But at least I didn't have some sniper trying to blow my effing head off.
Nowadays people look back with nostalgia at that dread decade, but the early part of it was no picnic for me and my generation. The best part of it was seeing that disgraced bastard Nixon run out of office. That was fun. But, for my money you can take the '70s and shove 'em!
This new sketch, like the other one a few posts below is dedicated to Ralph Bakshi, one of the few guiding lights in the old days. Go out and buy "Ralph Bakshi: Unfiltered". You'll get something out of it, I guarantee it.


PJ said...

Ha, ha, haaa!

Man, boy if you didn’t nail that one! Love the sketch but, man if you aren’t dead on about the 70s.

You’ve got a couple of years on me so the early seventies I view from the perspective of a becoming a teenager - it makes the view a little rosier.

Still, I admit to being somewhat relieved when they stopped the draft - anyone who never had that hanging over their head really has no idea about what it meant. How it affected your whole life.

I remember great music and movies from that period, things I still enjoy today. However, I can also remember gas lines (even/odd rationing!), really high unemployment in New York and the surrounding area (and yes, I did the Post Office too), and nice high interest rates.

It wasn’t all bad but, it certainly wasn’t easy either.

Vince M. said...

You're right about the music, PJ. The seventies had a great soundtrack. But for me and my crowd it was a terribly confusing and stultifying time to come of age.
The deteriorating economy, poor job market and the prospect of going to 'Nam were a hell of a lot of road blocks for young people.
But I do think Disco saved the decade and brought it to a rousing finale. ;-)

Dorota said...

Happy birthday Vincee. Another great sketch.

Tanner said...

Wow Vince! Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like a weird and confusing time. It's a decade you don't hear too much about. I'm thinking a lot of folks thought the same about those years as you did. It must be a thrill to go back in time with the artwork that sparks all these memories.

Vince M. said...

Thank you for the good wishes and kind comments, Dorota and Eric.