Sunday, May 11, 2008

How cool is this?---

If eveything goes according to plan, I'll be playing with the original trio of musicians I started out with in 1964, next Monday, in Long Island, New York. How cool is that?

So nice to have life-long friends!

I'll download our session, if I can.

That's me at the top,in 1976 in the Prince Valiant harcut, (yes I was really super hot!), and that's my guitarist, and songwriting partner, Lou Maresca in the next pic below. You should really try get to know him ladies, he's one potent dude. I'll include pix of our original guitarist George as soon as I can get them.

This last shot is from our 1975 show in Carroll Park, we used to play there every summer. Some long time residents still talk to me about those shows when I visit the old neighborhood.


Update, May 21: We kicked ass! Had a marathon jam of nearly eight hours, and didn't step on each other much. I still can't get over how well it went. If I lived in NYC I'd be able to do this all of the time and play gigs to boot. The only things missing would be my job at Disney and all of the wonderful friends I've made in L.A. But it still gets you thinking.

This post is dedicated to the memory of
our dear friend Anthony Raimondi


PJ said...

Public setting? I’d ask if you’ll be in but I never know how it will go over. I wanted to ask you about the drums anyway.

Vince M. said...

No, Peej, very private. You never know how it will come off. But, if there is a chance we can get an audience in I'll let you know. By email of course.

What do you want to ask me about the drums, I'm open?

Anonymous said...

AAAAGGHHHH!!! HA HA HA! Holy shit! That is such an awesome pic, Vinnie. F'in hilarious!

Vince M. said...

Look at that son of a bitch at the top, am I rock and roll or what? You Cali pussies.

max said...

That's so rock'n'roll I'm shaking all over.
Are you practicing your drumming Vince? That's what you should be doing. You know that.

PJ said...

Dude! That is a great picture! I love it. It‘s such a seventies shot! :)

Ry's Photo Blog said... are so MONEY!!!!

Vince M. said...

Yes, Max, I have been playing a lot lately, with a whole group of co-workers from DCP. In fact we put on a show last Thursday in the courtyard at work during a lunchtime barbeque.

Thanks, Peej-- I guess the 1970s weren't all bad. Especially post Nixon and 'Nam.

Are you back from Tornado Country, Ry? Thanks for the kind words, Midnight Blogger.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

What a face! Were you inspired to post this pic after John posted his? How old are you there? You look 14! The 70's were not so hot; I agree. I'm almost embarrassed to tell people I grew up in the 70's. Thanks for being so brave and posting that!

Dorota said...

That's a very sweet photo of you Vincee.

Vince M. said...

Thanks Kim & Dorota. John Quinn is always an inspiration, Kim, But the impetus for this post came from talking to some old friends from NYC over the last weekend, I always try to get together with friends and family back east when I'm going to be in town, and this time in it looks like I'll be getting the chance to play with a few musicians from my original band. We started out as pre-teens in 1964 and played together for about ten years.

I'll follow up with some "then & now" photos in a few weeks.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

you were always my favorite Beatle.

Vince M. said...

I always thought you were fab too, John.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

Waiting to see more old and new pics. Sounds like a lot of fun to hang out with friends of the past!

I did not know that so many artists tend to be so musical--Greg loves to play guitar and he can carry a tune. He said I sound like a cat wailing when I sing--but that's why I'm a good drawer.

Vince M. said...

Are you saying that you are Greg's Yoko, KIm?

And yes, it was a lot of fun putting a group of musicians who haven't played together in thirty five years in the same room. We had a ball! Played a LOT of Blues & Rock numbers in a marathon eight hour session. I was just getting warmed up when one of the guitarists' carpal tunnel problems started to kick in. We'll be doing it again in June.

Thanks for all of your generous responses to this post everyone. I wish you all could join us on Long Island next time.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Glad you had a good time playin' in New York with the old gang.....those guys don't get to hear you play as often as Hutch and I do in your cubicle.

nic said...

Hi Vince, what a great post! It's great to see these secret musical pasts coming out.
Thanks for the note on my poor ol' blog. I hope to be back in full swing very soon, but still like to check in on what everyone else is up to in the meantime. :)

Vince M. said...

Ry, I'm going to try to stop banging on my counter top. Especially after today with Hutch accusing me of being a show-off. What nerve!

On a more pleasant note: Thanks for taking the time and checking in, Nic. I hope you're doing well.