Sunday, April 11, 2010

A post that's gone Postal!

Postage stamp designs from '98-2000, for the U.S. Postal Service. The Consumer Products division designed the first one that featured Bugs. I produced these three stamps, as well as all of the 'First Day of Issue' art for the complete series with painter Hector Martinez. The fifth and last one was bounced back to WB Consumer Products after the Stores closed, and it was just a group of Style Guide art used in a "That's All Folks!" concept. As a young man I worked at the Post Office in one of my very first jobs, so this was a very sweet and special assignment for me.


MUGITUP! said...

Fun stuff-nicely done! Any of them used?

Vince M said...

Thanks, Jim. They were all used by the USPS. The only stamp I wasn't responsible for was the first one that featured Bugs Bunny. They were produced while I worked at Warner Brothers in the late '90s.