Saturday, December 05, 2009

more stupidity...

Admittedly this is the weakest strip so far, but I didn't want to break my stride on this project and posted it anyway... warts and all.


Dorota said...

More fun!

max said...

Same in London.

Eric Hutchison said...

Vince...These are really fun! I like the random "Vince Thoughts" thrown in with the narrative. Gives a very personal feel to it all.

Jim Hopkins said...

Nice job
-I think they all these strips look good!
Still -New Yorkers like their seasons. It's OK that it's cold, and right now as I post this comment it's freakin' cold. But it's not like it's North Dakota or something so I'm not complaining.
But I'm sure you remember. ;)

Vince M said...

Thanks, Dorota and Max.

I'm trying to have fun with these, Hutch, so I'm pleased if that's coming across. 'Random thoughts' is an apt description of what I'm hoping to string together here in these quick riffs. They usually take me about a half hour to complete so I don't get too caught up in the art or copy. Maybe the personal feel of these come from the simple fact that I'm using myself as the main character. I didn't want to create some new character to drive these strips so I just used my own image.
I'm not sure if I copped out with the last panel and its apology/explanation, but I'm thinking this is a good way to explore the short story form. I'm taking a bit more time with the next one, so hopefully it will yield better results.

I miss the seasons, too Jim. And lately we've been getting a good dose of changing weather here in So Cal. My little neck of the woods has a lot of trees that shed their leaves in Autumn, so it is very much like NY. In fact right now my backyard has a beautiful carpet of golden leaves.