Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Advertising Art...

I keep writing about working in Advertising, but I haven't posted any of it. So I'll post a few pieces for the next few days. This first visual was art directed by my friend Dave Fuscellaro. I met Dave when he joined the WB Stores after leaving the Dallas based design studio at Nickleodeon. While at WB Dave and I were responsible for (among other things) "refreshing" their Toy line, creating product and packaging art. It was fun work. Especially the packaging. The "Toys" were usually retro-fit mechanics, with Sylvester rocking back and forth singing "Hound Dog" while a cross-eyed Tweety hung from his shoulder.

When Dave left WB he joined 30 Sixty Design as Creative Director. That's when the real fun started! This piece was created for banners that would hang in "King's Fish House", they have a few big restaurants. If I remember correctly one of them is in Long Beach. They also own "Lou & Mickey's" restaurant, located right across the tracks from the Comicon in San Diego.

Working from Dave's concept and direction the art and lettering was created with a Marvy Felt Tip Pen on copy paper, scanned and sent to the studio. Then his expert team of Designers worked their magic and aged the art digitally so it would look like something you would see on a matchbook cover from the '30s.

I always enjoy working with Dave, he's a real collaborator. He doesn't ask for art like you'd order a Hamburger at a Drive-Thru window. And he always comes to the table with a batch of ideas for every project.

He's a real Pro.


richtuzon said...

me likie this one...showing some good varieties here, Vin. Now slow down a bit. I can barely keep up with your posts.

Vince M said...

Thanks Rich.

Boy, it's almost like you're sitting here beside me. I think you've created a monster. I'm really enjoying the Blog.

I likie the Blog!

Thanks for playing "Ol' Blue Eyes" at work today. It was a great way to end the day.

Miss you already.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

so are you.

this is what i say about you to everyone every day. you are a real pro. not just the work, but the man and what he brings to the team every day. thanks vince.

Vince M said...

Thanks, Mighty Quinn.
Your generosity and availability mean a lot to me.

It's nice to be in a studio where people are really engaged, and care about each other and their craft.

I've been lucky enough to have had this type of situation a few times in my career. But this, by far, is the best.

DaveSchappell said...

Hey Vince -- do you know if Dave F's still at 30sixtydesign? I think he and I went to college together at Penn State -- wondering if he ended up in sunny socal? Makes sense to me...