Friday, October 20, 2006

"Bjorn" again...

I thought it might be time to post some more artwork created during this century, so here it is. I've been drawing this "little guy" for years, so he'll keep popping up from time to time. He's my little mascot.

I figured he needed a bit of excercise.


Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

what inspired this character? is his name "bjorn"?


Vince M said...

Yes, it's pronounced: B'Yorn.

He came to me in a dream.

Just kidding.

He represents all the little guys who walk around in their own world, oblivious and happy.

Endless childhood. Ignorance and bliss. A mind of mush and a heart of gold.

max said...

Well done for posting another one of these. More, more please.
It's a wonderful drawing.

Vince M said...

Thanks for the kind words, Max! So glad to know you stopped in again. I'll have to come by your place and have a look around, always something wonderful to be seen.