Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Toth Covers discovered!

Courtesy of one of my dearest friends, Brian Postman. I first met Brian in the early '80s at GEM Studios in NYC. I was a big fan of his Spider-Woman artwork for Marvel Comics. Brian was responsible for creating the visual look of one of my favorite S-W villians: Daddy Longlegs! For some reason I assumed that Brian was British when I saw his byline. Who knew he was a nice Jewish Kid from Queens?!

Brian pulled my butt out of the fire many times when I was fighting short deadlines producing "The Honeymooners" comic book with Triad Publications in the mid-'80s. I hope we get to collaborate again some day.

Thanks for the Toth images, Big Guy.


Thomas Fluharty said...

mr vincenzo, i am a huge fan of yours and eternally grateful to you for encouraging me early in my career. im bloggin too heres the site all the best vinny. your work is still awesome-tommy http://thomasfluharty.blogspot.com/

richtuzon said...

coolio!...I'm working on some western pieces and these are so timely for my inspiration. You da best, Vin.

brian postman said...

thanks,buddy!....for the kind words...maybe one day...we'll work on "THE RETURN OF DADDY LONGLEGS!!!.....by the way....thomas fluharty...that name sounds familiar?....brian...

Vince M said...

So great to hear from you Thomas, especially after all these years. I love your blog, and I've always thought you were one of the greaat ones.
I hope you do more with "Yo Kitty". Love the urban setting. I'm still crazy about your political cover illustrations. Your caricature work is of the same caliber as Jack Davis and Bruce Stark.

Happy to help, Rich. Can't wait to see the finals for the western pieces. The roughs look great!

Thanks for the Toth covers, Brian. They were a nice addition to the tribute. I hope to post more soon. I'd love to be involved in a Daddy Longlegs story. Maybe we can have him meet "Mommy Shortarms', and marry him off.