Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't Ask--Just BUY It!!!

That was Jack Kirby's proclamation on his DC Comics covers in the early '70s. Nine times out of ten you were happy with your 25 cent purchase because no one ever made a comic book like Jack Kirby.
Except for his partner Joe Simon, and this collection is a wide-ranging look into the world's they created in their two decades together.

It's a perfect starting point for the new Simon & Kirby fan, or the longtime reader. It's an oversize edition chock full of the different genres they invented in beautifully faithful reproduction. The well written chapter intros by Kirby historian Mark Evanier help to inform and set the tone.

Published by Titan Books, UK. And available now at fine comic book shops, like 'The House of Secrets' in Burbank, or from Amazon.

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