Thursday, May 14, 2009


The sketch was made during a meeting at work,
the silly situation came later.


Eric Hutchison said...

Great drawing...Bad joke.

richtuzon said...

don't listen to hutch...I like it when you have editorial. nice drawing.

stupid hutch.

Dorota said...

Great drawing.

Jim Hopkins said...

I still think he's a solid citizen -he keeps an eye out for his pals...

max said...

Absolutely fabulous drawing!

(By the way just today I was playing with my daughter and realized that a transparent squeeze ball she very much likes has inside two eyes and a severed tongue and a nose that if squeezed ooze out blood.)

Whitney Pollett said...


When I was little, I always thought this was possible except after the eye ball fell out, it was quickly followed by a fountain of corn beef and pepper corns!! Ahahah gross right!?? I was kind of a disturbed child.


ED said...


Vince M said...

Thanks guys and gals.

I agree, Hutch. Joke's corny.

You're right Tuzon,
Hutch IS a jerk.

Thanks, Dorota.
Didn't you like the joke?

Good one Jim.
Very schticky!

Thanks, Max. How'd you like the joke?

I apologize, Whitney.
It is gross!!!
But I love to draw this gory type of stuff. The idea grew out of a detached eyeball drawing.

Thanks Ed.
I assume you liked the joke, too?