Friday, May 29, 2009

Objet ancien psychedelia...

Here's a ballpoint sketch from 1969.

I never
throw anything away.


Whitney Pollett said...

This is wild! How old were you when you did this??
Hey did I see your comment on Cartoon Brew for Up, responding all condescending to that dull girl who couldn't figure out who Russel's mother was??
If so, HA! You told her!!

Jim Hopkins said...

I like the guy's hand coming out of the fishes mouth, and a candle and mysterious fluids being poured into his head. No wonder he looks worried. ;)

Vince M said...

Hi Whitney. I was seventeen years old at the time I made this drawing, and completely absorbed in the art and music of the era. In those days almost everything I drew was related to my band, The Other Side. I'd create posters, t-shirts, comic strips, caricatures, logo's and pretty much everything I could think of.
And, yes that was me on Brew, but I didn't mean to be condescending, I just wanted to set the record straight on what I thought was a very easy scene to understand.

I'm glad you enjoyed the sketch, Jim. In those days I would just let the pen or pencil take me along for the ride.

max said...

It's a brilliant drawing. The master was all there already. But what's that plane doing with its propeller?

Vince M said...

Y'know Max, That's the same thing that stood out to me after all these years. I wish I had an explanation, but I haven't one.
Maybe I thought an off-kilter propeller looked cooler.

Thanks for the kind words, my friend. Love the 3-D pieces you've been creating.

Whitney Pollett said...

Reunion Show!!!
What's the band up to these days??
Do you have any demo tapes??
I have so many questions!!!

Dorota said...

Very imaginative at such an early age!!

Vince M said...

Whitney- I've been trying to put together a reunion show, but the logistics are proving to be a nightmare. I was aiming for a Fall '09 date. But it's starting to look like it will be Spring '10.

We've had a few a couple of informal jams in the past two years with the original three-man lineup, plus the added guitar work of my High School buddy Vinny Abbruzzese. I'm still in touch with most of the musicians I've played with over the past 40+ years.

And while there are no demo tapes from the '60s band there are plenty from the '70s on cassette tape. One four song master exists from a series of recordings made at Variety Studios and The Record Plant, NYC.

Thanks, Dorota. But I wasn't that young-- and my imagination was probably fueled at the time.

LĂȘA said...

great one! more stuff from that era?