Monday, June 29, 2009


I often feel like a 'carnival barker' with this blog, selling some half-baked idea or drawing. But some guys know how to sell product. The recently deceased Billy Mays was one of the greatest pitchmen in the history of television. Cut down in the prime of his life, he will be missed.
Pitch in peace, Mr. Mays.


Ry's Photo Blog said...

I like the photo AND the drawing.

Whitney Pollett said...

This is freaking awesooome!! If Mr. Mays was here, I'm sure he would think so too.
Well done Vince!

Eric Hutchison said...

If there was audio for this image it would be very loud...Just like 'ol Billy.

Vince M said...

Thanks, Ry. I was intending to use the carny barker for a post on being a character artist. But when Billy died I had to use it here.

You're right, Whitney, Billy Mays was awesome. No matter what I was doing when one of his spots came on TV, I had to watch him. A lot of people only notice his audio volume, as Hutch references in his comment. But every move he made was perfectly orchestrated. No one could wipe off a counter top or install a stick-on light switch with the style and flair that he brought to it.

Thanks for the comments guys, I'm sending each of you a free tub of 'Oxi-Clean'!

Jim Hopkins said...

Hey I missed this -nice one! I like the ears and eyes in the background. The fun thing about Billy Mays is that he was not too much different from the guys who bark specialty products at the mall. Just that he was on TV.

Vince M said...

Just another barker with television exposure, sure. But Billy was a pro, and a joy to watch hawking product.

Thanks for the kind words, Jim.
I used the eyes and ears to illustrate how completely entertained I was every time Billy Mays came on the tube.