Saturday, June 13, 2009

R. Crumb tackles The Bible...

The latest issue of The New Yorker contains a twelve page article on R. Crumb's illustrated version of "The Book of Genesis". There's one page of text, with a few comments and an 11 page strip. Looks interesting. I'm always amazed by Crumb's simple storytelling; he only moves the camera in and out. Very few overhead views or up shots.

And there's also the cover- "Future Generations" by Dan Clowes.


Jim Hopkins said...

Thanks for headsup Vin. I 'll pick that one up.
On an OT note: I met Gail the other day. She mentioned about Joe passing and I said that you had told me. She says hello. She's got a 10 year old kid now.

Vince M said...

Just a warning, Jim. This excerpt doesn't contain any earth-shattering artwork. Just a straight ahead telling of "Genesis". I'm betting that Crumb will open up the artwork in grander style as the story progresses. Although you can't get grander than God creating the heavens and the earth with a side-order of mankind on the side.

I think it's going to be a breakthrough book by a still-relevant and important comics creator.

Nice to hear that Gail is doing well. I always thought she was a good egg.

vicspa said...

Hey Vince, and Jim
I was going to pick up (buy) the latest New Yorker, but I just checked the magazine section in the lobby of Napoleon Art Studio, and low and behold the issue was there.
Naturally I took possession of it, I will read it on the way home tonight.
Take care guys and love to Gail.
Your friend Vic.

Vince M said...

Now go into your boss's office and see if he's got a copy of 'The Art of Harvey Kurtzman" and liberate it, too!

Thanks for stopping by, Vic.

vicspa said...

If I do that, I'm gonna need a lawyer to liberate me from the slammer.

Keep on bloggin