Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dummying up---

sketches inspired by a New York Times article on a Ventriloquist Dummy Museum and visuals from the book "Dummy Days"


Jim Hopkins said...

Hey fun. I knew the first one is Mortimer Snerd without the ident, but the other two I'm not sure. Is that Charlie with a hat and in a disguise? Actually the bottom one could be Jerry Mahoney.

Vince M said...

You're right about Edgar Bergen's "Mortimer Snerd" at the top, Jim.

The middle one is a Senor Wences character named "Pedro", who was a head in a box. Pedro was originally a normal vent dummy, body and all, but an off-stage shipping accident left only the head in working condition. So Senor Wences stuck the head in a box and a new act was born. Wences was a regular on the Ed Sullivan show, appearing 28 times.

The bottom dummy is named "Velvel". And even though he appeared on TV a lot I never warmed up to him. He didn't have half of the personality of Jerry Mahoney.

Jim Hopkins said...

Ah. I never got a good look at Pedro so that explains it. He usually came out for 3 seconds and then "Close de door". I now see the telltale hinges in your drawing. You might be interested in this -still a fun act:


I don't know Velvel at all. I'm guessing he's a TV act from the 50s?

Vince M said...

I'm guessing he began his career in the Catskills, hence the yiddish sounding name.